Do Not Try To Outsmart The Market

Dated: 02/28/2020

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I ran across an article this morning with sage advice for real estate sellers: "DON'T TRY TO OUTSMART THE MARKET!"
It reminded me of what I explain to my property-selling clients. I don't set prices. The market does.

There is definitely a market value and -with the experience I have accumulated over the years since 2004- I can get a pretty good idea of your home or land market value (I do that for people in our area all the time ... at no charge!).*
At some point in the conversation, I will get a somewhat puzzled look when I mention that the market will tell us what is reasonable. I'm not talking about voices in my head, though.
No showings? Listen, the agent market is telling us something is wrong, usually condition or price. Showings, but no offers? The homebuying market is offering the same message.
Let's talk about your home, building or land upfront. My consultation is FREE! In fact, I don't get paid until and unless your property sells.

*(a) If, at this time, you just need an approximate value, my website can give you a rough market value estimate: Click

  (b) If you need a value that can be used in court or a legal dispute, I am happy to refer you to a Louisiana licensed appraiser.

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